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Internship for 3 Months in Spring 2020 – Geneva

Field: Research, University of Geneva
Internship for 3 Months in Spring 2020 (Work: Monday – Friday) provides only Internship
Master Student, French advanced, English intermediate

My research unit is dedicated to the development of analytical methods for the determination of drugs (small and large molecules) in various matrices (formulation, biological matrices, plants, etc). More particularly, we develop separation methods such as chromatography and capillary electrophoresis coupled to several detectors such as mass spectrometry. We have different projects: anti-doping control, falsified drugs, metabolomics, biopharmaceuticals, drugs of abuse, etc. The student will be integrated in a project and will work with a PhD, a post-doc or a senior scientist depending on the project.

Contacter : Clarisse MASSAT
Vice-Président en charge de la Mobilité Internationale à l’ANEPF
IPSF Student Exchange Officer
email :
tel : (+33) 06 71 78 81 18